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Refining My Purpose

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

A poem from the book "Falling In Winter's Spring"

The mental walls suffocate the voice behind. Lived experiences is the trauma tattooed in mind. I feel alone each night drowned in a nightmare. The stigma in society obscures truth without care. I shall rise above the inaction plaguing politics. Refining my purpose against these broken systems.

I am not alone in this debilitating cycle of pain. For others share the unfortunate fate in cruelty, But we are united in overthrowing this bane. A political machine of corrupting dishonesty. For our feelings are valid in this blurred mess. Hand in hand, we will refine mutual social justice.

There are so many who do not have voices, Or are scared of retaliation against their choices. But we will help rise others without this anxiety, For everyone deserves a chance at rehabilitation. To contribute in a meaningful way to society, And realize their purpose away from affliction.

I am (a/an) _________ and I will refine my purpose. I am committed to fight injustice and disservice. I will be part of the solution with action in motion. I am not alone with my trauma nor am I broken. I am not less, for my experiences are my scars, But they will not prevent me from reaching stars. I advocate for a future free from these gates To prevent others from sharing same fates, And providing comfort and resources for others. To refine my purpose to help myself and others.

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